About Us

The MALIMU Kids Story

Hello. Welcome to the MALIMU Kids online store. Pleased to have here 😊.

So where do we start?

Meaning behind the name - MALIMU

MALIMU is an acronym, derived by combining the first two initials of the names of my sisters MALEBO and MUSA together with my initials LILLIAN. Being the youngest of the two, I’ve always been the center of attention, hence my initials are in the middle. I’m also quite a girly-girl that still dreams of fairytales – depicted by the crown above my initials. An absolute obvious one is the Lily flower in the centre of the crown – representing what my friends and family call me, and of-course putting focus on the founder and brains behind the brand MALIMU.

My brand is therefore the reflection of my customers – exactly that which is of a princess!

What is MALIMU Kid’s offering

MALIMU Kids is a luxury brand that focuses on high-end occasional garments for girls, between the ages of 1 to 12 years. We turn fairytales into reality by affording girls, the opportunity of being those princesses they’ve dreamed of becoming.

At MALIMU Kids, we pride ourselves with our quality garments and attention to detail. Our styles range from couture, flower girl, Cinderella, high-tea and themed party dresses.

We’ve made sure that our designs are not limited to warm seasons, like most designers do, but we also cater for those colder seasons – there is not a moment too cold for our princesses to slip into their luxury garments.


From us to you with Love

Our packaging is made with love, from the scented tissue paper to the pearl hangers. We at MALIMU Kids, make every moment an experience to remember.